Leah P. Greenwood, Ph.D., ABPP-RP/D, ABVE/F, IPEC

Providing evaluation and expert opinion in matters of vocational capacity. 



Dr. Greenwood brings over 25 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation services where she has specialized in helping individuals with disabilities to find their role in school, training, or work contexts. As a board certified rehabilitation psychologist, she holds advanced training in psychological and neuropsychological evaluation, vocational rehabilitation planning, and forensic disability determination. Dr. Greenwood is a licensed psychologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsyvlania and the State of Delaware. She is also a board certified vocational expert providing vocational and economic opinion in claims of wage and earning capacity loss. She has offices in Exton, PA and will provide many services virtually. 

Neuropsychological Evaluations (IME)

Comprehensive assessments of neurocognitive impairments arising from acquired neurological injury impacting functional outcomes in school, training, or work contexts.

Psychological Evaluations (IME)

Comprehensive assessment of acquired psychiatric impairments impacting functional outcomes in school, training, or work contexts.   

Earning Capacity Evaluations (IVE)

Comprehensive assessment of vocational and earning capacity in matters of workplace injuries, personal injuries, discrimination, job termination, and marital dissolution.      

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